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MindSet Program

A few things in my life have truly been life-changing for me and THIS PROGRAM HAS BEEN ONE OF THEM.


To listen to my explanation and breakdown of the program, please click the box the video box above.

Individual sessions are available. Please email to set up a free consult to learn more about this AMAZING program!

This program has changed my perspective on everything in life, my career, relationships, money, health, …….. you name it!  I am SO excited to bring this program to CoreFit and share this amazing gift!

Please know that whatever I take my clients through, I first must take myself through, whether it be a new fitness trend, nutritional program, OR, this AMAZING Mind Set Coaching program. I HAVE always, and WILL always, devote my career to walking the walk FIRST, before expecting anyone else to.


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 Check out Kim’s testimonial about this program by clicking the video above.

What is included in this AMAZING 8 Week program?

Examine the ways we hold ourselves back so we can overcome them. This could be self-sabotage, perfectionism, insecurity, fear, guilt or limiting beliefs.  Walk through the necessary steps to help us uncover what is holding us back! Use SIMPLE tools that will help us re-shape the way we think, so we can get more of what we want out of life. Learn how to implement daily self-care rituals, and develop the faith to move through our fears.

Here are a few testimonials from my current MindFit participants

bullet “The mindset program has brought so much awareness to my life and it has been truly transformative. The tools I’m gaining through Mindset are life-changing and are teaching me how to live life to the fullest. I feel extremely present, capable, and excited about the challenges and rewards that come up along the way, and I’m super excited about what’s to come!” – Mo
bullet “I started this journey feeling pretty good about where I was in my life: good people, pretty good job, workout 3-5 days a week . . . things are looking pretty good. I started this program and discovered that some things in my life were not good or bad, but just might have been holding me back from achieving a truly free feeling…Although not an easy route, every day is a newer day, and I am more present and aware, making connections to emotions and choices that I make. Everything that I do is an intentional decision, not a mindless action. I even take some of the tools I have learned in this program and apply them to my work [as a therapist] and have seen changes in my clients. This is a life-changer for sure! Finding your true self is work and rewarding!” – Rachel
bullet “For most of us, it’s easier to put focus on exercise and dieting, forgetting that our minds are a huge part of our health and happiness. To be whole, you cannot separate this part of the equation. Upon entering this mindset journey, you develop an awareness of how much your thoughts become you and how much you let them determine your happiness. I have gained such a sense of hopefulness and freedom in just the first few weeks. No, I have not rid myself of all negative thoughts and feelings but now I see them and I have a choice. By bringing awareness to my subconscious, I get to choose. I am allowed to be happy.”—Kai