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New to CoreFit

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7 days for $7

If you’ve never been to the studio before, take advantage of our 7 days for $7 offer* and check out our amazing studio. New to hot yoga? Never took a boxing or TRX class? Wondered ‘what the heck is a WOD’? Let our coaches lead you into classes that are fun, safe and effective!

* This excludes a kettlebell class, which requires a one-on-one technique session. Once you’ve completed the technique session you can join any of our kettlebell WOD classes!

Online and In-House Fitness and Nutrition Programs

CoreFit offers both in-person and online health and fitness opportunities. Understanding that nutrition is not a ‘one size fits all’, members utilize a personal coach to discuss their own specific nutrition needs and how their body reacts to different foods. Coaches then assist members through the use of a spreadsheet or app to paint a larger nutritional picture.

In addition to nutrition needs, CoreFit offers two fitness options for the community. Our online option includes a call with a coach to discuss sport specific needs by which the coach constructs a workout based on a 4 week period that the member trains individually. After the 4 weeks, additional workouts can be purchased and so on, and so forth. The in-house option is very similar only the member will meet on a weekly basis – whether in 30 or 60 minute increments – and will work side by side with the coach. For more information – to read or to inquire about additional – click here!