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LeanFit Program

Real Food. Real People. Real Results.

Average Weight Loss

(per 8 week session)

10-25 pounds

Session starts April 2nd, 2017!

What is the LeanFit Program?
The LeanFit Program is designed for individuals who want to lose 10, 20, 50 pounds or more. We will focus on fun, easy, and friendly lifestyle changes to your nutrition and fitness habits today so you can have a healthier tomorrow.
How can I join this program?
Members are welcomed into our program on a monthly basis or with a private consult. Come in, listen and meet others who have the same goals, and then assess if this will be the right group and place for you to work on a healthier you. To speak directly to Liz, call 610.213.5110 or email liz@corefittraining.net to set up a free private consultation. Prior to their start week, members will view an introductory video that prepares them for their journey to a stronger, healthier lifestyle!

What is included in a LeanFit membership?

Our LeanFit program includes a 3 week prep phase, 6 weeks of intensive nutrition, and an 8 week Mind Set program that will set you up for creating a LIFESTYLE change!  We offer motivational support, accountability, a private Facebook page, private small group classes for LeanFit members and unlimited classes at the studio!

CoreFit offers a variety of classes and fitness levels. For our LeanFit members, small group classes are designed to safely introduce those new to exercise to begin their journey at their own pace. Our experienced staff motivates and celebrates your achievements and goals with you along the way!


Preparation – Membership in the LeanFit program include 3 weeks of a prep and learn phase which will get you ready to ease into our Nutrition and Mind Set phase.

Nutrition – Membership in the LeanFit program includes consultations with a certified weight management and nutrition specialist. For 6 weeks, together we will learn how to break bad eating habits and plan healthy, natural meals.

Mind Set – Membership in the LeanFit program also includes this AMAZING 8 week Mind Set program!  This program is designed to help rid you of old negative patterns and what is holding you back – getting you ready for a new, happier, more energized YOU!


Support & Accountability
LeanFit members will have access to a group Facebook page for shared support and celebration of achieved goals. These online connections, in addition to meetings at the studio, will help keep members accountable throughout the program.
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