Earn Points through Perkville!

Earn Free Classes, Sessions & More!

A reason to smile. Join our CoreFit’s loyalty program and start earning redeemable points today!

CoreFit is excited to introduce our brand new loyalty rewards program in partnership with Perkville. By joining in, you can easily earn points for classes attended, referring friends who join, posting on Facebook and much more. In return, you can redeem points for free and discounted items, within CoreFit and the surrounding community. What are you waiting for?! Make sure to sign up and get something back for all the sweat and hard work you put into your workouts. You deserve to be treated!

Start earning points today! It’s quick, easy and free, plus you get 50 bonus points just for registering! Why not make your sweat shadows earn points for you?


**Please make sure to use the same email account for Perkville and MINDBODY registration. The system will recognize your email and connect both of your accounts, so you can start earning and redeeming points without hiccups.

**Perkville is a trusted partner of MINDBODY (our scheduling system). Perkville will not share or use any CoreFit customer information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Perkville integrates directly with MINDBODY so each time you attend a class or render one of our services, you’ll automatically earn points. You can track your points online at www.perkville.com. Once you earned enough points, you can simply redeem them on Perkville for our free and discounted items.

How do I get started?

You’ll earn 50 points just for joining! If you have not already been invited, you can create an account here>>

How can I earn points?

You can easily earn points by attending classes, referring friends who join, completing personal training sessions, celebrating your birthday, tweeting, posting on Facebook and more! Plus you get bonus points for completing specific activities, like responding to an occasional survey and 50 points just for joining Perkville!

What can I get with my points?

You can redeem points at any time for items such as free classes, discounts, personal training sessions and more.

How can you earn points quickest?

Friend referrals will give you the most points. I. Also, be social and tell your friends what you love about your workouts with Dare U Fitness. Every time you attend a class/render one of our services you can Tweet and/or Facebook post to earn 5pts each. Be sure to post through the Perkville website, not from your Facebook or Twitter.

How do I earn points for referring a friend?

You’ll need to sign in to your Perkville account and enter your friend’s email address to send them a referral message. When they create a Perkville and Mindbody account and make their first purchase, you’ll automatically earn your referral points. Note that the email address they us for the registration needs to matches the email address you used when sending out your referral message. If they do not match, the system will unfortunately not recognize your referral.

See a complete list of how you can earn points with us!