Arm Balance and Inversion Workshop on April 6th, 2016

Prepare for Take-off – Essential insights into arm balances and inversions

What is it about arm balances and inversions that makes them so challenging? Arm strength can’t be it — if you can move through a vinyasa, you’ve got arm strength. Balance can’t be it — there are plenty of postures where we can stay upright just fine. This workshop will explore the principles of lift and lightness needed to prepare for take-off!

When you tap into your natural center, you are able to lift yourself — seemingly without effort. The key lies in working with gravity so you’re not resisting it but working with it in harmony. You flow with balance and the lift happens naturally.

During this workshop, you will learn and apply the physics of flight to arm balances and inversions as well as to your flowing Vinyasa practice. Through targeted exercises, practice and partner work, you will gain the understanding you need to take flight!

Recommended for students in good physical condition, and open to beginners and experienced yogis alike.

About the Teacher:
MarkNelsonMark has been practicing yoga since 1991 and teaching since 2008. Early on, he fell in love with the feeling of openness and focus that comes from a regular practice. Where the spirit leads, the body will follow, and he soon discovered that he could move in ways he never thought possible.

That combination of mindfulness and movement drew him deeper into the practice, studying Ashtanga Yoga with such renowned teachers as David Swenson, Annie Pace and Jill Manning; Yin yoga with Paulie Zink; and Vinyasa Yoga with Corina Benner.
Mark teaches yoga as a personalized healing science and a profound life-changing philosophy. His classes unite the flow of breath with the flow of the body, guiding students to a creative blend of physical exploration, inward focus and real-life philosophy. Mark has directed the Yoga Garden studios since 2010 and recently completed his 500-hr. advanced teaching certification.